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We specialize in giving you the highest quality laminations.

One side laminations
We can laminate one side of just about any graphic that you have with either polyester, polypropylene, Lay-Flat, or glueable/stampable films in thicknesses of .0015" to .0018" in either a gloss or matte finish. This process requires an oversize press sheet with bleed room as the sheets overlap as they feed through the laminator.

Two side laminations
We can double-side laminate just about any graphic that you have with either polyester, polypropylene, or UV inhibiting films in thicknesses of .0012, .0017, .003, .005, .010 in either a gloss finish or matte finish.

Whether you choose to have us do your laminating, or you prefer to purchase the laminating equipment and materials to do your own laminating in-house, we have over 40 years experience in the laminating business and can help you make the decision that makes the most sense for your laminating needs.


Lamination Adds Value!
In today's competitive marketplace, businesses that produce printed materials are relying on thermal film lamination to give their products a "finished" look. By increasing the lustre and durability of printed piece, this high-quality finish adds significantly to a product's real and perceived value. Thermal lamination can give your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. Your printed materials last longer, look better and feel more luxurious. A difference your customers definitely notice! And by meeting your customers' needs for quality and durability, you help build both client loyalty and company profits. Discover for yourself the added value this finishing process delivers.

Enhanced Appearance
With its high-lustre look and luxurious feel, a laminated product communicates quality and creates a favorable impression among your audience. And with a wide variety of laminates to choose from: clear, delustered, matte finish, glueable-stampable, to name a few--you have numerous options in which to achieve beautiful results.

You're in Good Company
Thermal lamination is considered by many in the graphic arts community to be the finish of choice. From commercial laminators to designers and printers, industry professionals depend on this finish to beautify and protect their materials and to provide them with a competitive advantage.

Multiple Applications
Lamination adds value to wide range of printed material. Consider the many applications of this quality finishing process, to include: Book covers, posters, maps, magazines, photographs, menus, annual reports, gift bags, video boxes, specialty calendars, trading cards., annual reports, gift bags, video boxes, specialty calendars, trading cards.

Environmentally Friendly
Unlike other finishes, thermal lamination is a very safe and waste-free process. It does not emit harmful volatiles and other such substances into the atmosphere. This is a significant break through in finishing practices and contributes greatly toward preserving the environment.

Added Durability and Longevity
Thermal film film lamination delivers immediate benefits to a printed piece--most notably, an attractive look and polished feel. But perhaps the greatest benefits to this finishing process are the long-term results. With thermal lamination, your printed materials enjoy greater durability. Unlike UV or other coatings, thermal lamination provides protection against scratching, fading and smudging. The life of your materials is extended, enabling you to make a long-lasting impression. The result to your organization? Increased value and cost effectiveness. Thermal lamination adds durability and longevity to your printed materials by: Making paper more tear resistant, protecting inks, strengthening paper stock, protecting against scratching, fading and smudging.


A general purpose overlaminating film with good clarity and gloss. Polyester also has excellent abrasion and scratch resistance. Because of its tough heat resistance nature, it is used for menus, dust jackets, case-bound covers that need extra protection.

A more economical overlaminate with excellent clarity and brightness. Because polypropylene is a softer film, it is not as scratch resistant as Polyester. Polypropylene has high acid resistance and good folding characteristics. Ideal for Write-on/Wipe-off applications.

A special film that will remain flat after lamination. It is resistant to curling even with humidity, etc. It is most often requested on perfect-bound books. It is slightly more expensive than polyester or polypropylene.

Film specifically designed for folding cartons and pocket folders, etc. It can be glued and foil stamped with excellent results. Also slightly more expensive than polyester or polypropylene.